Running Recap (8/14-8/20)

Monday: Cross Train

Tuesday (3 miles): 9:10, 9:17, 9:09. Time: 28:27.

Wednesday (5x400m repeats): 2:04, 1:54, 2:03, 2:01, 2:03

Thursday (3 miles): 8:49, 8:37, 8:32. Time: 26:01.

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday (5 miles): 9:10, 9:31, 9:12, 9:50, 9:10. Time: 46:56.

Sunday (3 miles): 9:01, 9:03, 8:52. Time: 26:57.

Week One of Half Marathon training is DONE. Week Two is in full swing. Getting stronger (and looking forward to some cooler temps hopefully soon).

Running Week in Review (8/7 – 8/13)

Another week is in the books. This week was tough because I was sick with a sore throat at the end of the week. Needless to say, I felt less than 100%.

Monday: Cross-Train for 40 minutes

Tuesday (3.5 miles): 9:02, 8:58, 8:52, 4:16. Time = 31:09.

Wednesday (6x400m repeats): 1:59, 1:52, 2:01, 1:54, 1:55, 2:02.

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Rest

Saturday (5K): 8:12, 8:42, 8:29, 1:07. Unofficial Time = 26:31 (Official Time = 26:30)

Sunday (3 miles easy): 9:37, 9:15, 9:15. Time = 28:10.

Running Week in Review (7/24 – 7/30)

Monday (40 minutes of Cross-Training): Walk

Tuesday (3.5 miles): 9:00, 8:55, 8:36, 4:11. Time: 30:43.

Wednesday (6×400 repeats): 1 = 1:58, 2 = 1:53, 3= 1:58, 4= 1:50, 5= 1:51, 6 = 2:02

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Rest

Saturday (5K Time Trial): 8:06, 8:31, 8:29. Time = 25:57.6 (an unofficial PR).

Sunday (3 miles): 9:02, 8:54, 8:50. Time = 26:48.

All in all, this was a light week. But, I am officially registered for a nighttime 5K on the 12th of August! Hoping to grab an official 5K PR at that race.

Running – Week in Review (7/17-7/22)

Each week I am going to start posting the results of my runs. This is good for my own accountability, but hopefully it’ll also help me meet more of you fellow runners out there!

Monday (Cross Train): 30 minutes of walking

Tuesday (3 miles): 8:33, 9:02, 8:11. Time – 25:48

Wednesday (30 minute tempo): 9:33, 8:58, 9:12, 2:17

Thursday (3 miles): 9:00, 9:04, 8:42. Time – 26:50

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday (6 miles): 8:54, 9:42, 10:28, 9:20, 10:35, 9:48. Time – 58:51.

That Saturday run absolutely wrecked me. It was so hot and so humid and I had a toe issue halfway through. Summer running is no joke. But hopefully it’s making me stronger for the fall!

Running Update!

Running took a backseat while we were in California so this week was a bit of a shock to the system (in a good way). I was happy to get back into the running swing of things.

At this point, I have decided to start back at Week 1 of my training plan. Since my next half marathon isn’t until November, I’m trying to decide if I will stretch this plan out to be 16 weeks, or if I will follow it as planned for a few weeks and then start back at Week 1 again to begin training for real. Is that confusing? Sorry.

The main point though is that taking a week off from running was nice to some degree, but has made this week hard. I was so worried about losing some of the speed I had gained this summer, but I think it’s still there. This week I mainly focused on completing my runs and had less of a focus on my times.

I still have PLENTY of time until the Indy Monumental in November, so my sub-2 goal is still in play! I’m ready to get after it!

I hope your all’s running is going well!

Another Training Week in the Books!

Today I finished my third week on Hal Higdon’s Intermediate Two Half Marathon training plan. So far, I really like it. It has been fun (and challenging) to add in speedwork and temp runs to my routine. I will readily admit though that adding those two things in has greatly helped shake up my running routine which was much needed.

Wednesday was another speedwork day and here were my splits: 1:52, 1:50, 1:51, 1:49, 1:50, and 1:51. How’s that for consistency? Haha! I ran these about 15 seconds faster than what I’m supposed to. But my run on Tuesday was lackluster at best and my legs felt good so I went for it. And I enjoyed it quite a bit!

I’m still chasing that sub-2 half marathon so hopefully the speed and tempo work will pay off!

What are your training goals? Any goal races coming up? Let me know!